Update 14: Minor Improvements

Nothing too major this update, I’ve been working on some other personal things the last month so I haven’t done anything major on the game.

  • Made it so an individual tile will highlight when hovered over with the mouse.
  • You can now make square box selections with the mouse by clicking and dragging.
  • Added a distance fog for when using the free floating camera
  • Replaced black sky color with blue.
  • Fixed a z-clipping issue where the ocean mesh intersected the land mesh.
  • Optimized terrain rendering for free floating camera. Camera used to sit in the middle of the terrain chunk, now any terrain behind the camera is not calculated.
  • Shaders now recompile when using free floating camera and implement a different type of z-buffer.
  • In debug mode I can now switch from game camera to free floating camera at click of a button.
  • Added more robust terrain tile painting tools
  • When a grass tile is sloped above a certain threshold it becomes a dirt tile.

Improvements made to free floating camera, decent enough draw distance.


Z-clipping issue fixed where the ocean meets the land


Drawing onto the terrain

Here is a low framerate fly over of the terrain using the free floating camera.


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